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Written TestimonialsKid's Drawing - Pediatric Dentist in Bountiful, UT

"To Dr. Mark Nelson & everyone at Children’s Dentistry:
Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate you and your staff.

We have 2 boys that absolutely love to go to ‘the dentist’. And it’s all because of your unique approach to dental care. Yours is by no means a typical dental practice. Yours is a full blown, sensory sensitive, transformational, dental care…adventure! You’re such a well orchestrated team, with each staff member contributing their specialty completely in sync with you…and their fellow team members.

It’s totally enthralling for us as parents (…and especially my husband as a ‘business model’ observer…), to simply watch all of you, competently fulfilling your roles…in what always turns out to be a complete and engaging production! You make our boys - Jance and Mason - feel like absolute ‘rock stars’. They not only get to wear a pair of cool shades while you work on their pearls, but they always come away with encouragement about their progress, new tooth brushes, a toy of their choice, and of course a few minutes spent on the video games! What a cool…dental diversion! Quite the operation, good people!

We’re glad you’re close by, and we thank you for your extraordinary services and the competent dental care you provide for our boys!

You are all greatly appreciated!"

Greg & Jenny Hollingshead

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