Sealing Your Child’s Smile

Is it hard to get your child’s back molars clean? Does food seem to be taking up residence there regardless of how much your child brushes and flosses? If this is the case, you may want to consider using dental sealants on your child’s molars or premolars.

These teeth can be more vulnerable to decay because they can have deep grooves in them where food particles can become trapped. These recesses may be deep, or they can be extremely thin, but bacteria can feed on the food particles and create plaque and acids that can eat through the tooth’s enamel over time. When this occurs, a cavity is formed. While fluoride can help protect all the surfaces of the tooth, dental sealants can provide an extra layer of protection by giving the tooth a smooth surface over the previously grooved areas.

A sealant can be placed as soon as the tooth has completely erupted from the gumline. The tooth will first be cleaned, and then an acidic solution is applied to the tooth for a few seconds before it is rinsed off. This can create small microscopic areas with a rougher surface that the sealant can attach to easier. Once the tooth is dry again, the liquid sealant is put on the tooth and hardened, and it will be safe for your child to chew on again.

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