The Cool Oral Hygiene Tools for Kids

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If your child despises their oral hygiene routine, it’s time to change things up! There are things you can do to make oral hygiene fun and exciting. The more enjoyable their routine is, the better chance they’ll clean and care for their smile regularly. One way to spice up the oral hygiene routine is to use fun oral hygiene tools for kids. Our dentists, Dr. Mark Nelson and Dr. Treagan White, are happy to give you an idea of some tools by listing them here:

  • Plip Clips: These clips are shaped like animals, like ducks, cows, dogs, cats and more. All you do is suction the clip to the bathroom mirror! Your child will love feeding their toothbrushes into the mouths of these Plip Clips. It’s like your child has their own toothbrush pet!
  • Children’s electric toothbrushes: Electric toothbrushes are super fun to use, especially for kids! They can even help your child properly and effectively clean their teeth. There are many different versions of electric toothbrushes available, even brushes with your child’s favorite cartoon characters on them!
  • Fun toothpaste: Certain brands, like Colgate®, have toothpaste that is just for kids. Some have bright colors while others have fun shapes and sparkles in the paste! This toothpaste can clean your child’s smile and make brushing fun and exciting.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about kids’ oral hygiene tools in Centerville, Utah, please contact Children’s Dentistry when you have the chance. Once you dial 801-295-8322, our dental team will be happy to help you in any way we can. We look forward to your phone call!

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