One of the most effective supplements to your child’s oral health is Xylitol. Xylitol is highly beneficial for infants, children, adolescents, and individuals with special needs, as it works to prevent cavities and help keep your smile healthy. We welcome you to contact Children’s Dentistry at 801-295-8322 to learn more about the benefits of Xylitol in Centerville, Utah, and to schedule your child’s appointment with our experienced pediatric dentists.

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Xylitol is a natural substance found in small amounts in food such as fruits, berries, mushrooms, lettuce, and corn cobs. Studies have shown that consuming xylitol or chewing xylitol gum helps reduce cavities, and in some cases, it can reverse existing tooth decay. Xylitol also protects your teeth by enhancing existing prevention methods and producing long-lasting effects.

Research has shown that mothers who chew xylitol gum beginning about three months after delivery until their child is two years old can help reduce their child’s cavities by up to 70% by the time their child is five years of age. Low rates of tooth decay may even continue to persist after this time.

To find chewing gum and other products containing xylitol, you can visit your local health food store or check with our pediatric dentists.

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